We all know it: vitamins are important. With winter around the corner, we should give our immune system an advantage and take extra care of it. Cold weather, long nights and short days make it harder and harder to stay healthy. This is where vitamins come in, for example vitamin C. Vitamins are a proven and trusted immune boosting agent. And when combined with CBD, they completely change the picture of the game.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are organic substances that are supplied to the body in small but necessary amounts. They are not a source of energy, but they work dynamically alongside the natural functions of our body. Even a single substance deficiency can lead to significant physiological or psychological disorders.

Providing vitamins in food is unfortunately not enough anymore. The vitamins that our ancestors already consumed are lost even before they reach our body. Everything is related to repeatedly processed food, longer transport routes and extended storage time. In addition, our body has not adapted to pesticides or toxins in the soil, and with their presence, the risk of vitamin deficiency in our body increases. The only solution is to supply vitamins from the outside.


Why combining vitamins with CBD is a good idea

Vitamins and CBD are the perfect combination. They are an amazing positive value for our health, supporting the processes naturally taking place inside the body. By combining these two ingredients, you can consume your daily dose of CBD with a blend of carefully selected vitamins. This can boost the immune system properly, without too much effort.

What does “liposomal” mean?

Our Vitamin C and CBD Multivitamin use a liposomal formula to provide your body with even more good ingredients. But what does that actually mean? Liposomes are small, capsule-like structures that are safer and faster to transport active substances (such as CBD and vitamins) than common, traditional methods. They work by encapsulating the components in liquid form in their core, making them readily available for direct absorption by cells. Liposomes effectively protect against digestive enzymes and ensure that valuable substances contained in the product go to the body where they should be. According to research, the bioavailability of liposomal products may increase by about three times compared to products without this innovative formula.

Is it for me?


Our liposomal vitamin C and CBD multivitamin is an effective option for people looking to combine two strong and effective health supplements in one daily dose. This is a great option especially for people who do not like to take CBD under the tongue and ingest an endless amount of vitamins in capsules.


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