Pimples on the head: causes and treatment. What to use? Shampoo

Pimples on the head may indicate the development of dangerous bacterial, viral and fungal infections, as well as other diseases such as psoriasis or acne. See what causes this type of efflorescence. Find out what to use for itchy and painful blemishes between your hair.

Purulent pimples on the head in the hair

Purulent pustules on the head in the hair are likely to be a cutaneous manifestation of folliculitis. It is an infection caused by staphylococci, which is one of the most virulent gram-positive bacteria. The inflammation initially covers the hair follicle orifices, and then the entire follicle and its surroundings. Over time, painful pimples develop on the head.

There are several forms of infection, among which the following deserve mention:

sycosis. It is a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle in a chronic form, lasting for months or even years. Pimples on the head appear under the hair, but also on the face. They have the character of pustules and softened lumps. In the place of the eruptions, the hair comes out of the follicles with exceptional ease, which promotes local baldness;
furunculosis – purulent perifollicular inflammation associated with the formation of a necrotic plug. The disease is common in people suffering from diabetes, kidney problems and immune deficiencies.

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Pustules on the back of the head

Pustules on the back of the head and around the temples may be one of the cutaneous symptoms of syphilis – a dangerous systemic disease transmitted through the mucous membranes during sexual contact, caused by the relatively anaerobic bacterium Treponema palidum (pale spirochete). As the infection spreads through the body over time, symptoms may also appear on the face and scalp, especially the occiput.

In the course of the so-called Secondary syphilis, a so-called rash appears several months after infection. This is a rash made up of papules, pimples, spots, and other blemishes and discoloration. Importantly, in many patients, the process of syphilitic alopecia begins within 2-3 months after the onset of rash. It is very characteristic – on the head there are small “gnawed” bald patches, usually located where the hair sticks best, i.e. on the occiput and temples.

What to use on pimples on the scalp?

Medicines and preparations aimed at combating or alleviating the primary causes of the appearance of eruptions are mainly used for pimples on the scalp. Therefore, pimples as such are not treated, but infection with staphylococcus or pale spirochete, psoriasis, dandruff etc.

A typical shampoo for pimples for scalding exists, at most you can use cosmetics that facilitate cleansing and exfoliation, inhibit sebum or prevent hair loss. However, they should not be chosen at random, but on the basis of a doctor’s recommendation.

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