Cannabis health properties

Why are cannabinoids important and what are they at all? How does the endocannabinoid system work? How to choose CBD oil well?


Although each of us has a different value system, for most of us, one of the most important is health. Hemp is able to help us keep it at the highest level because it has a whole range of beneficial ingredients. They are rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids – in an ideal proportion for us. Additionally, vitamins E and C, zinc and high-quality protein and dietary fiber. In addition, they have 60 unique cannabinoids and terpenes (organic chemical compounds that are known as essential oils after extraction).

Why are cannabinoids important and what are they anyway?

In addition to the commonly known nervous and endocrine systems, we also have an endocannabinoid system. It takes part in many physiological processes, including regulation of energy economy or regulation of neurohormonal connections. Put simply, it helps to maintain homeostasis within cells. In order to maintain this balance, internal cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) are produced. Unfortunately, for many reasons, their production may be disturbed and the system may not function properly. This can be caused by inflammation, neurological problems (migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome) or autoimmune diseases.


How does the endocannabinoid system work?

In our body there are CB1 receptors (located mainly in the brain and in the central nervous system) and CB2 receptors (mainly in lymphatic organs) to which cannabinoids or endocannabinoids attach.

When our own organism has problems with the production of endocannabinoids, we can reach for external cannabinoids, which still affect the receptors and help stimulate the system to work properly. While it doesn’t fit perfectly, it exhibits large indirect effects, the exact process of which is still being studied. Currently, the best known and widely available are those derived from hemp. However, remember that you should not abuse the use of external cannabinoids – we should strive for fitness when our endocannabinoid system is able to work without external help.

In hemp you can find as many as 60 unique cannabinoids (which are not psychoactive) and not found in any other plant. Although each of them has similar properties, they differ slightly from each other. Below are the most popular of them that have already been tested:

– CBDA – reduces inflammation, prevents the spread of cancer cells;

– CBG – helps to fall asleep, supports bone growth, slows down the spread of bacteria;

– CBGA – fights pain;

– CBC – fights pain, promotes bone growth, slows down the spread of bacteria

– CBCA – fights fungal infections

– Δ9-THCA – helps with sleeping, helps with muscle pain

– Δ9-THC – fights nausea and vomiting, stimulates appetite

– Δ8-THC – fights pain

– THCV – reduces convulsions and convulsions

– CBD:

Helps relieve pain, but has no side effects

Fights inflammation, especially in the nervous system (including irritable bowel syndrome)

It has vitamin C, E and more antioxidants than any fruit or a vegetable. Has anti-depressive properties; helps to relax, unwind and regenerate. Increases the level of serotonin in the brain

Helps to quit smoking

Fights anxiety and anxiety (post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder)

It is a neuroprotector and prevents neurodegeneration

Helps to reduce (or even completely fight) symptoms of neurological diseases, including epilepsy

Helps to maintain blood sugar levels normal (recommended for people with diabetes)

Helps fight cancer by stopping the spread of cancer cells (it attaches to the CBD2 cannaboid receptor, which is found on the cancer cell).


The research to date shows that CBD has the most properties, is safe and well tolerated, even in high doses. However, we should remember that it is most effective synergistically when combined with the rest of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. When looking for CBD oils, avoid those that are isolated and look for those that have the „full spectrum of cannabinoids” in their description. Then we can be sure that it is extracted from the whole plant in the accompaniment of the rest of the ingredients, which greatly facilitates its proper operation.

Change is possible and does take place, but for a change in consciousness to take place, will is needed. Let’s be open to new information and check what is provided to us. Let us choose a more conscious life 🙂



CBD – everything you should know

What is CBD, which can be found in hemp, how it helps the body and what effects could be seen in our customers

Each of us has a system endocannaboid, which is designed to maintain its proper functioning (that is, we get enough sleep, have energy, do not get sick, regenerate quickly). To control this, it produces endocannabinoids. Sometimes, unfortunately, due to stress, poor diet or other reasons, endocannabinoids are not produced in the amount they should, and the entire system does not work as it should.

In this case, we can stimulate it to act with external cannabinoids that give similar effects to endocannabinoids. The best known source of them is hemp, which has over a dozen cannabinoids – including CBD, CBG, CBGA.

The research to date shows that CBD has the most properties, is safe (does not have psychoactive properties) and well tolerated, even in high doses. However, it works best when combined with the rest of the cannabinoids, rather than when administered alone.looking for CBD oils, So whenavoid those that are isolated and look for those that have the „full spectrum of cannabinoids” in their description. Then we are sure that it is extracted with the accompaniment of the rest of the ingredients, which greatly facilitates its proper operation.

How can CBD help us?

– helps relieve pain, but has no side effects

– helps to quit smoking

– helps to reduce (or even completely fight) symptoms of neurological diseases, including epilepsy

– helps to maintain the blood sugar level within the norm (recommended for people with diabetes)

– helps to fight cancer by stopping the spread of cancer cells,

– helps to relax, relax and regenerate,

– fights anxiety and anxiety (post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder)

– fights inflammation, especially in the nervous system (including irritable bowel syndrome, among others )

– reduces the symptoms of schizophrenia, with no side effects

– helps in the treatment of, among others muscle spasticity and Parkinson’s disease.

– increases the level of serotonin in the brain

These are benefits that are known to us so far, but with each passing month there are many studies that show additional properties of the cannabinoid.

CBD can be likened to a magic ingredient – it works not only on the body, but also on the mind and spirit. Its consumption will put you in a relaxing state that would require a long meditation or yoga session to achieve. When consumed, our body relaxes and releases physical tension, leaving us with a feeling comparable to taking a warm bath.

See the opinions of our clients and what effects they noticed in themselves 🙂




When it comes to wellness, mental health is the catchphrase on everyone’s lips. In our society that is functioning faster and faster, and with the stressors of modern life, concerns about mental well-being are growing. 

And the symptoms are serious. Anxiety and stress can ruin your work, relationships, and life, and can have both physical and mental effects. 

Few people know that the endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in regulating how we physically and emotionally respond to stress and anxiety. Fear of losing a job, fear of not having enough time for the family, fear of not being enough for a partner – anxiety takes many forms and they are more and more common.


The Endocannabinoid System and Mental Balance

The endocannabinoid system (ECS)is closely related to our mental health. For example, it regulates our appetite, mood and inflammation in our body. Imbalances in the endocannabinoid system can lead to pain, weakened immune systems, mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

This is because the endocannabinoid system contributes to the homeostasis of the body – keeping all biological processes in balance that keep the body functioning. Imbalance in this system can lead to a variety of symptoms, including stress, panic, and mood swings.

How CBD and ECSTogether

WorkCBD interacts with two important receptors in the endocannabinoid system, the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are found mainly in the central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are found mainly in areas related to the immune system and in the gastrointestinal tract.

When CBD is absorbed by the body, it attaches to CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are then activated. By activating these receptors, the entire endocannabinoid system is set in motion and can go where it’s needed.

Does CBD affect anxiety?

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally as research on CBD and anxiety is still in its infancy.

However, a lot of research that has already been done suggests that CBD may have a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system, and so may influence how our body responds to stress and anxiety. But what exactly is the reason for this?

In the case of anxiety disorders, it is assumed that the balance of special messenger substances, i.e. serotonin (often considered a mood enhancer) is disturbed. Antidepressants or other medications inhibit the breakdown of these substances, increasing the level of serotonin in the brain and improving mood. 

CBD also has a similar effect: CBD can bind to a receptor in the central nervous system and thus have an anxiety-relieving effect. This has already been proven enough by various studies.


CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to help keep the body in balance, including psychological factors. There is no definitive answer that CBD can „cure” anxiety disorders, but the millions of people around the world who use CBD to maintain mental balance are proof of its effectiveness.




Sleepless nights, difficult mornings, and frayed nerves during the day. Sounds familiar? You must be suffering from a lack of sleep.

Our sleep cycle has a huge impact on our mood, health and overall well-being. Starting the day with too little sleep can have an impact on our energy levels, diet and relationships.

Many people turn to prescription drugs or sleeping pills to overcome this. But these usually work against the body’s natural rhythm, creating more problems than solving them. It is better to work with your own body. This is where melatonin, the sleep hormone, comes into play.


What is Melatonin? 

Melatonin plays an important role in rebalancing our circadian sleep cycle. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain, namely the pineal gland. The body’s circadian rhythm is directly related to the amount of melatonin that the body produces. 

Melatonin levels naturally decline with the morning light and rise as it gets darker. Sufficient exposure to daylight is key to establishing a healthy and habitual sleep pattern. Unfortunately, with frequent indoor activities and artificial blue light from electronic devices, our natural melatonin formation process is regularly disrupted.

CBD and Melatonin

While CBD does not induce sleep, it has an effect on how our body regenerates itself while we sleep. Especially in times of emotional and physical stress. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid systemthat maintains homeostasis in the body and helps the body relax when stressed. CBD also prevents the over-excitability of the brain’s nerve cells. By improving the quality of the processes taking place in the body, CBD supports the relaxation of the body, mind and soul – exactly what we need for a good night’s sleep.

Melatonin, on the other hand, induces sleep. That is why it is often called the sleep hormone. By increasing the concentration of this hormone in the blood, a resting phase in the body can be initiated.

However, when combined, these two ingredients help us fall asleep and regenerate while sleeping. Thus, sleepless nights and difficult mornings are a thing of the past.

This combination is offered by Nordic Oil. Our Mani CBD and Melatonin drops are a natural way to restore your natural sleep rhythm by combining the body’s natural sleep hormone with the relaxing effects of CBD. 

Mani Drops Ingredients

Broad Spectrum CBD:

Broad Spectrum CBD has all of our favorite cannabinoids and terpenes, just like full spectrum CBD – but without traces of THC.


As mentioned above, melatonin is a sleep hormone that is naturally produced by our body. After the sun goes down, our body produces melatonin, which makes us sleepy and tired, in preparation for a full night’s rest.

Lecithin: The

liposomes used in this product are made of lecithin – just like our body’s cell membranes. It is soy lecithin, non-GMO. Our body recognizes liposomes as good material and eventually connects them to our own body cells. As a result, the active substances (in this case, melatonin and CBD) can be released into the body faster.

Liposomal formula

Liposomes are not active substances in themselves, but act as a transporter of desired nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed by the digestive system. Liposomes are microscopic, airtight containers that carry active ingredients deep into the cells. This helps to deliver CBD and melatonin to the body more efficiently.

Why are liposomes a good solution? Many active ingredients are made worse by our digestive enzymes. Liposomes protect valuable substances from digestive enzymes and release the entire dose inside the cell without any first-pass losses. This increases the bioavailability threefold compared to normal absorption. Our Mani melatonin drops are stronger, faster and more efficient thanks to liposomes.

Will Mani Drops work for me?

Time is the key word when it comes to our Mani Drops – the ideal time to consume them is about 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Just dissolve them in a drink of your choice and drink it.

If after some time of using our Mani Drops with Melatonin you develop tolerance to the suggested dose, there is no need to worry or increase the dose. All you have to do is refrain from using the drops for about a week for your body to absorb cannabinoids (CBD) from the fatty tissue where it is stored for the longest time.

You don’t have much influence on external factors, such as blue light or your sleeping environment. After all, isolating yourself completely from electronic devices or replacing your bedroom with a new one is not an easy task. You have an influence on your lifestyle, diet and supplements that you provide to your body. CBD and melatonin is a combination that will lull you to sleep, it is worth trying it out by choosing, for example, our Mani Drops.




We all know it: vitamins are important. With winter around the corner, we should give our immune system an advantage and take extra care of it. Cold weather, long nights and short days make it harder and harder to stay healthy. This is where vitamins come in, for example vitamin C. Vitamins are a proven and trusted immune boosting agent. And when combined with CBD, they completely change the picture of the game.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are organic substances that are supplied to the body in small but necessary amounts. They are not a source of energy, but they work dynamically alongside the natural functions of our body. Even a single substance deficiency can lead to significant physiological or psychological disorders.

Providing vitamins in food is unfortunately not enough anymore. The vitamins that our ancestors already consumed are lost even before they reach our body. Everything is related to repeatedly processed food, longer transport routes and extended storage time. In addition, our body has not adapted to pesticides or toxins in the soil, and with their presence, the risk of vitamin deficiency in our body increases. The only solution is to supply vitamins from the outside.


Why combining vitamins with CBD is a good idea

Vitamins and CBD are the perfect combination. They are an amazing positive value for our health, supporting the processes naturally taking place inside the body. By combining these two ingredients, you can consume your daily dose of CBD with a blend of carefully selected vitamins. This can boost the immune system properly, without too much effort.

What does „liposomal” mean?

Our Vitamin C and CBD Multivitamin use a liposomal formula to provide your body with even more good ingredients. But what does that actually mean? Liposomes are small, capsule-like structures that are safer and faster to transport active substances (such as CBD and vitamins) than common, traditional methods. They work by encapsulating the components in liquid form in their core, making them readily available for direct absorption by cells. Liposomes effectively protect against digestive enzymes and ensure that valuable substances contained in the product go to the body where they should be. According to research, the bioavailability of liposomal products may increase by about three times compared to products without this innovative formula.

Is it for me?


Our liposomal vitamin C and CBD multivitamin is an effective option for people looking to combine two strong and effective health supplements in one daily dose. This is a great option especially for people who do not like to take CBD under the tongue and ingest an endless amount of vitamins in capsules.




Poles are becoming conscious consumers. From year to year, we pay more and more attention to information on labels regarding the composition and expiry date. The latter information is extremely important and is often misinterpreted. Do CBD oils and other CBD products have an expiration date? Can I use the product after the deadline? 

date and minimum durability date

Use-byOn the packaging of food products, we can find two types of inscriptions: „eat by” and „best before”. The first inscription is the use by date and can be found on perishable products such as cold cuts, cheese or yoghurts. The date given on the label is a limit term, after exceeding it, the health hazard increases significantly. The word „best before” informs about the date of minimum durability of the product. After the expiry of the minimum durability period, the product may deteriorate in quality in relation to the freshly produced product. This is the inscription that should appear on CBD products.

Unfortunately, reading the labels is not enough …

Reading the labels of oils may not be enough for one simple reason – information regarding the minimum durability date may simply not be there. The manufacturer is not obligated to include this information on the packaging, and many manufacturers do not. We often come across even hemp products that say ‚product not intended for consumption’ or ‚product for external use’. Why is this happening? 


Unlike THC, CBD is not a controlled substance in the European Union, and due to the lack of specific regulations, the manufacturer is not required to perform analytical checks on CBD-based products, which means that consumers do not have any legal protection nor a guarantee as to the composition and quality of the product they purchase. Currently, CBD-based products are not subject to any mandatory testing or primary regulatory framework to determine the daily dosage, dosage regimen, maximum recommended daily amount, or labeling on the packaging.



The date on the package is a kind of guarantee that the manufacturer gives to the consumer. During this period, the product retains its best qualities. For this guarantee to work, we must, of course, follow the storage recommendations.

Can CBD oil go bad? 

Like any food product, hemp products can degrade over time due to factors such as temperature, light, air and humidity. Already in 1976, it was discovered that exposure to light, heat and air led to the loss of compounds contained in the oil, and thus to its weakening of its action. The fatty acids in CBD oil also make it prone to degradation and rancidity. Additionally, improper storage can cause cannabinoids and terpenes to lose their ‚potency’, color, smell, and texture.

What should we do when the date of minimum durability has passed? Can I consume the oil after this date? As long as the product has been stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the packaging is not damaged, the oil smells and tastes normal, you can feel free to take it. However, if the taste and smell do not convince you, use such CBD oil to prepare dishes with CBD oil.


  • Avoid exposure to light, if your CBD oil is in a clear glass bottle, keep it in a box. Better to put it in a cupboard than leave it on a bedside table or sink.
  • Never store or other CBD products in the car. It is best to store them in a dry, dark place, such as a shelf in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • If the temperature in your home is high and the humidity is high, you can put CBD oil in the refrigerator. The downside of this is that the oil can thicken, making dosing difficult.
  • If CBD oil thickens when exposed to cold, you can place the bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. The oil will return to its normal consistency.
  • After use, remember to tightly close the cap.
  • If the cap unscrews by itself and you are unable to tighten it, check out this article: WHEN A CBD BOTTLE IS LEAKAGE 
  • Keep your CBD products out of the reach of children. 




Do you know exactly how many cannabinoids have been discovered in recent years? Apart from CBD and THC, can you name other phytocannabinoids and their properties? If not, we’ll come to your aid today. In this article, we will focus on cannabigerol, CBG for short, which is the third most common cannabinoid in cannabis.

CBG as a precursor to other cannabinoids It is

fairly common to find that CBG is the ‚precursor’ or ‚mother’ of other cannabinoids. There is something about it. In the cannabis plant, CBG is present as cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which decomposes as the plant grows, becoming the basic molecule that forms the acid forms of other cannabinoids: THCA, CBDA and CBCA, which in turn transform into THC, CBD, CBG and CBC. Due to this conversion, CBG is present in very low concentrations in mature cannabis flowers (about 1 percent). However, there are special varieties of cannabis rich in CBG, from which CBG oil or CBG crystals are made.

Potential Benefits of CBG

Compared to the amount of research on CBD and THC, research into CBG and its potential health benefits is unfortunately limited. At present, it is known that CBG interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, serotonin receptors and andrenergic receptors. Additionally, CBG is not psychoactive. Studies conducted over the past decade suggest that CBG has therapeutic potential in the case of cystitis and enteritis. In addition, CBG can stimulate the appetite and hasproperties antibacterialand neuroprotective, and due to the fact that it affects the receptors that control the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain, CBG oil can be a chance for people with depression or other mental problems.



At the moment, scientists are able to distinguish over 113 different phytocannabinoids, and CBG is certainly one of the most interesting. The use and properties of CBG are just exploring, few studies look promising, but large-scale research is needed to fully understand the effects of CBG on our body. 

There are products on the market that focus only on this cannabinoid, such as CBG oils or CBG crystals, but in fact we can find CBG (although in trace amounts) in good quality CBD full spectrum oils. 

Have you already tried CBG oil? Have you already used CBG crystals? Share your opinion in the comment.