Our blog posts tell a lot about the different properties of CBD and its functional use in everyday life. This time, on the occasion of World Food SafetyDay in June, we decided to raise the topic of food safety.

“Food safety is everyone’s business,” this year’s theme aptly applies to everyone in the world, and concerns safety when growing, processing, storing, cooking and consuming food.

How important is it to stay safe? 

The statistics kept by the World Health Organization are alarming: 

  • Food-borne diseases affect many people around the world, especially children under the age of 5 and people belonging to low-income social groups.
  • 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from eating contaminated food, and 420,000 people die each year.
  • 40% of the burden of foodborne diseases is transmitted by children under the age of 5, with 125,000 deaths annually.
  • Diarrheal diseases are the most common diseases resulting from the consumption of contaminated food, making 550 million people sick and 230,000 deaths each year.

We are now witnessing how diseases can deadly hamper normal life, trade, development and burden health systems. Ensuring food safety is essential from the moment it is produced until it reaches the hands of the consumer.

New, emerging bacteria and viruses provoke us to introspect all the channels through which the food we eat reaches us. As a result, the entire supply chain is currently undergoing changes. 

It is an incentive for all of us, as individuals, families, communities, organizations, producers, businesses and governments, to come together and inspire everyone to prevent food-related risks at every stage of the process.

Responsible producers of food, including dietary supplements, control the course of each production stage, analyzing and identifying potential threats. Many of them implement a HACCP system that helps them keep everything under control. 

How safe is our CBD oil? 

We would like to take this opportunity to bring you closer to our entire CBD oil production process.  

Our CBD oil is produced from organically sourced hemp grown in the European Union. The mature plants are harvested and processed. The terpenes, which are aromatic and therapeutic compounds, are retained from the flowers through a proprietary steam distillation process, and then it’s time for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.

CO₂ extraction gives you full control over the entire extraction process. Thanks to the unique settings of temperature, pressure and insulation, we obtain exactly the expected compounds.

The extraction process produces a raw CBD paste which is then refined and enriched with the accumulated terpenes and carrier oil. The end result is a strong concentrate of high purity and quality. 

At Nordic Oil, we transform our values ​​into high-quality, safe and standard products. The oils we sell are subjected to a delicate filtration process, which allows for obtaining an oil with a clean, golden color, free from by-products such as waxes, fats, chlorophyll or impurities. At the same time, the carbon dioxide extraction process maintains a high concentration of CBD and aromatic terpenes. This gives our CBD oil a well-balanced, holistic effect that retains the healing properties of the hemp plant.

All Nordic Oil products are labeled and packaged according to industry standards that include instructions for use and storage. 

You can safely purchase any of our products online without requiring a prescription. In case you need any clarification, you can contact our customer service who will be able to provide you with additional information. 


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